Looking for pure bred Persian kittens?

Stack Cats has the purrfect solution.

Check us out and view what we have available. If you have any questions
please feel free to contact us. Look in the about us page to read about our
history. Feel free to request pictures of kittens parents.

These are home bred kittens that are part of our family, looking for a new
and GREAT family!
Member of the Cat Fanciers Association
Health Guarantee
Bred & born in home!
Our Kittens are kept indoors and treated like part of the family. They are
played with from birth, and have a great disposition. We do not mass breed
kittens for profit! Every kitten comes from a parent that is a pet, not a number
in a kennel! You are welcome to pictures of the parents  as well as
information on the parents demeanor.
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