You have reached this screen because you have decided to place a deposit or
pay for a kitten. Please understand that once you pay for or place a deposit on
a kitten that amount is not refundable! Sometimes we will hold a kitten for
several weeks for someone and could have sold it if a deposit was not on it, for
that reason we do not refund deposits and payments on a kitten. We love our
kittens and will always be available to help with any question or problem you
might have with your kitten, no matter how old they get.

All payments are done through Paypal credit card services and are secure.

By making a payment here you have already talked to us and have agreed on a
specific kitten and price, shipping terms and price. (shipping not included in
price of kitten). The kitten will be held until full payment is made, and contract
signed for that kitten. Also that you understand deposits and payments are non